Ship 2


We are best together

We form a family of like minded souls working to improve ourselves and community

Ship 2 | Ethos | DNA | Form

Successful Scouting Units All Tend To Have in Common:

We need your help to ensure we continually focus on these ship characteristics:

  1. Everybody Has Fun
  2. Disagreements Don’t Become Battles
  3. New People Are Welcome
  4. We Get All the Big Arguments out of the way first
  5. Water is a Regular Thing (sail, scuba, canoe, kayak, swim, etc.)
  6. Involved Parents are real
  7. The Big Trip Happens / High Adventure Happens
  8. Everybody Knows Who They Can Ask for Help
  9. Training Is Part of the Culture
  10. We plan for Succession and Continuity

This is derived from

We join together as Sea Scout Ship 2 Adventure to

"recapture the combination of RISK & WONDER & PRIDE & PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY ... for the sons and daughters of millions of anxious parents, desperate to expose their kids to a program that prepares them for the real world."

-- Mike Rowe