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What You Know Will Change You

Sea Scouts earn awards completing and refining skills while having fun!


We train within the ship and at regional yearly opportunities like Salt and Sleet and SEAL training. We have access to specialized events addressing program area, e.g., swimming and Scuba.

Groups like the USCG Auxiliary and the America's Boating Club offer training. Our leaders attend Sea Badge and Sea Badge Underway.

It is important to note that we all must take required training like Youth Protection, and Cyber security.


The four available advancements awards, in order of completion, are:

  1. Apprentice: Beginner. A scout with the needed skills to be safe afloat and assist in the operation of a vessel on the water.
  2. Ordinary: Proficient. Scouts proficient in nautical skills
  3. Able: Skilled. Masters of their craft.
  4. Quartermaster: Leaders that advance the craft.


Here are the collection of other awards available to Sea Scouts:

  • SEAL
  • Qualified Seaman
  • Small Boat Handler
  • Long Cruise
  • Sea Scout Marksmanship
  • Aquatics Awards
    • BSA Lifeguard
    • Boardsailing BSA
    • Kayaking BSA
    • BSA SUP
    • Snorkeling, BSA
    • Mile Swim BSA

and more...

Check out our current program. Remember, we are constantly changing our sails to account for the strength of the wind and the skills of our sailors. Better yet, chart your own course and join us on an adventure to see where the sun sets.

The method of instruction in Scouting is that of creating in the boy the desire to learn for himself.

-- Robert Baden-Powell