Ship 2


Ship's Log

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SPARTA. We were pleased to meet a new perspective member, J, while we planned our activities for the summer. Thanks to our Boatswain, E, for driving the program!

It looks like we are headed to our base camp and Lake Phoenix for an extended stays. Camp Richard is not available until next year.



Salt & Sleet Training. We had a full day at the yearly Northeast Region, Area 6 training weekend.

Congratulations to scouts A, S, and P for earning the Boater License (MD and VA Boater Safety Education / NASBLA).

Congratulations to Skipper for being awarded Sea Badge.

Welcome Ms. Kelly on your first adventure. Also, welcome Maritime Explorer Club prospect, S, as he showed off knot and land-ship skills!

SSU | McDonalds


DC Dive Show. We visited friends at the local industry show where we learned about regional dive sites, new equipment, exotic coral dive sites, and training opportunities.

We also connected with ReefSafe doing Lionfish harvesting. They could be a future service project.

Its a blast to be part of the dive community.

Cheesecake Factory


SPARTA (Wet Week). We returned to the George Mason University Freedom Aquatics and Fitness Center. Hot tub and BSA Swim Checks! Congratulations to A, E, and P for passing; E did it before in varsity swimming.

We are pleased to welcome Ms. Kelly as she submitted her membership application as an adult advisor.

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Chartering! Thank you Centerline Pelorus Consulting for your contribution for Sea Scout Ship 2 Adventure. We chartered with scouts A, C, E, K, and P. On to the 2020 rechartering!

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17-Jun-2018 - 23-Jun-2018

Camp Able. We are not ship yet, but we sent two scouts to Camp Able hosted by Ship 1942. We met new friends from GA and VA. Hey, how was the week? "HOT HOT HOT"