Sea Scout Ship 2 Adventure -- Year 1


Memorial Day. Fishing at Lake Brittle. Fishing licenses for all! We should have brought BBQ.

Holiday Basic | No food!!?!


Lifeguard Training. Sessions 2, 3, and 4 of 4. We continued training for BSA Lifeguard, American Red Cross Lifeguard, and American Red Cross Waterfront Lifeguard. We completed CPR/AED training then things got crazy with the never ending deep end dives; Rescue, Rescue, Rescue drills; Sun burns; Whistles; EAP calls; the BSA swim-test parade; time afloat in row boats & canoes; resuscitation of Poor Timmy; green lake swimming at CWBS; and green slime! We are ready for the water!

Swimsuits+Snorkel gear | Bag Lunch and we liked it.

17 May 2019

Wet Week. CWBS lake training on canoe and row boats. We welcomed R on his first visit to the ship. Next time we need to get line to secure the oarlocks.

Swimsuits | No food

11 May 2019 08:00-13:00

CWBS Waterfront Cleanup 2. We served with the NCAC Aquatics Committee to prepare the pool for opening. We vacuumed, trimmed, mucked, and swept.

Utility | Krispy Kreme Donuts

04-05 May 2019

Navy League STEM Expo. We took opportunities to test robots, build boats, visit academy (1|2|3) & university (4) reps, inspect USCG & ONR programs/scholarships, and meet industry leaders.

Rain drove us inside, cutting our exploration of the harbor short. We swam, shopped for food, fought for supremacy on a favorite video game, played hands of poker, and prepared Asian-style pancakes.

We bunked at the WD facility: Girls (A/E/S) took a room; P got a couch. J and his dad met us at the event. We also met future sea scout, K, and his mom.

Class B | Pancakes made with meringue and custard

04 May 2019 08:00-13:30

CWBS Waterfront Cleanup. We served with the NCAC Aquatics Committee to prepare the pool for opening. We trimmed, mucked, scrubbed, swept, and blasted the winter away.

Thanks to S from T671 that helped. He also had the honor of testing the life saving board while perfecting a sunburn.

Utility | Krispy Kreme Donuts