Ship 2


We are Sea Scout Ship 2 Adventure

We play, learn, and lead under, in, and on the waters of the Virginia Piedmont.

Come join us. The water is fine.

We believe to Grab Life you have to:

Put down the controller, Get off the phone, Grab your gear, Go outside, and Team up.

Learn About Our:

Learn About Our:

Our Depths

We SCUBA dive. Our members are open water certified and beyond (Advanced, Rescue, Master, etc.).

Lake Millbrooke, Silver Lake, other locations open the world below for our training dives. Lake Phoenix and Scuba Jam start the fun. Local sites like the Little Bahamas keep things reasonably priced.

Oh, we are headed back to Sea Base. Want to come along?

Our Skills / Activities

We push the limits -- because we can. Besides, we believe it is important to learn and practice safety.

As Sea Scouts, we have more freedom to change the world, explore adventures, and refine skills beyond those allowed for younger scouts. Class III and above White Water is an example. So is our access to the USCG Aux.

As Sea Scouts, the NRA, Elite Shooting Sports, and other locations provide us the range to master ballistics and marksmanship to include rifle, shotgun, and pistols. Three Gun anyone?

Our Vessels

We sail, kayak, and float. We paddle on our local waters using rented/borrowed boats. We target Class III white water in rivers flowing from the mountains in WV, PA, MD, and VA.

We race on SSTV Beluga. She is a Pearson 26 sailboat, sloop rigged, tiller steer, with power assist outboard. She is the perfect blend of small boat and keel boat to train Sea Scouts.

We sail SSTV Der Pelikan -- a 47 foot Mogan Ketch, center cockpit, diesel assist -- when we can borrow her.

We train aboard SSTV Michael-S when the water is too far away.

Our Waters

We reach the world over the sea starting with waters filling the Cheaspeake and finally the Atlantic. The North Fork wetlands, Bull Run, Occoquan, Potomac, Chesapeake are our waters. We also explore activities at Lake Anna, Antietam Creek, and other interesting bodies.

Our Grounds

NCAC Camp William B. Snyder is our Virginia Piedmont base of operations. The camp offers easy access to service projects, boats, water, and camping. Additionally, Camp Snyder allows us to interact with other regional troops, crews, posts, and ships.

Our Direction

We are a scout-led ship. We intend to reach wherever our scouts, the current, and the wind takes us. Find out more about us and our programs. Let us know if you are interested.

How to Join

  1. Complete & Submit your Application
  2. Pay Monthly Dues ($40 to start then $10 per month)
  3. Participate


How to Get S2A Gear

Option 1:

Option 2:

Sea Scouts are unique in that "[m]ore trust and responsibility [is] placed on a scout than all other programs combined.... We challenge them to learn, lead, and pit their skills, ability and judgement against the most dangerous environment humans dare to go."

-- Christopher Russell Davis

Updated: 13-Nov-2018 | Skipper Allen