Ship 2


Adventure begins when you break the surface.

We play, learn, & lead with waters spilling from the Virginia Piedmont.

Come Join Us 💧 The water is fine.

About Sea Scout Ship 2 / Adventure

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Our Passion

Water! We spend our time under, on, in, and around water. We paddle, float, swim, SCUBA dive, ice skate, and more.

Our Waters

We reach the world from North Fork wetlands, Bull Run, Occoquan, Potomac, Chesapeake, & beyond.

Our Limits

We push'em. We return with interesting stories, building character, serving, and doing stuff far beyond those allowed for younger scouts.

We sail, kayak, and float. We rain aboard SSTV Michael-S. Come sail with us on SSTV Vaquita, and SSTV Irrawaddy. Fair well SSTV Beluga and SSTV Nonny.

Our Grounds

NCAC Camp William B. Snyder is our base. The camp offers access to projects, boats, water, & camping. Plus, it exposes us to regional troops, crews, posts, & ships.

Our Direction

We are a scout-led ship. We intend to reach wherever our sea scouts, the current, and the wind takes us. Find out more about us and our programs.

Our Scouts

We are friends from the community, Some of us are dual-registered in Scouts BSA troops.

Our Advisors & Committee

Our trained, life-long scouters promote responsible, safe program choices, & our youth-led structure. Our committee administers the Ship.
No committee, No Go.

Our Chartered Organization

Ship 2 is chartered by Centerline Pelorus Consulting. Huzzah! Each adult advisor is approved by Centerline.

Ship 2 Character

  • Everybody can have Fun

  • Water is a regular thing (sail, scuba, canoe, kayak, swim, etc.)

  • The big trip happens / high adventure happens

  • Training is part of the culture

  • Disagreements don’t become battles

  • We get big arguments out of the way first

  • We plan for Succession and Continuity

Our People

  • New people are always welcome (Join Now)

  • Everybody knows who they can ask for help

  • Involved parents are real

This is derived from

Our Pledge

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Scout Oath

On my honor I will do my best:

Sea Scout Promise

As a Sea Scout, I promise to do my best:

  • to guard against water accidents,

  • to know the location and proper use of the lifesaving devices on every boat I board,

  • to be prepared to render aid to those in need,

  • to let those less able come first.

Ship 2 Sentiment


Sea Scouts BSA is unique in that "[m]ore trust and responsibility [is] placed on a Sea Scout than all other programs combined. We challenge them to learn, lead, and pit their skills, ability & judgement against the most dangerous environment humans dare to go."

-- Christopher Russell Davis


Adventure looks different to everyone. To some, it might be a simple as a camping trip, or it could mean a journey around the world.

Amelia Earhart simply stated that "adventure is worthwhile within itself." I can get behind that. Sure. But, you honestly can't really define adventure for yourself until you've wrestled with it -- until it's beat you down, and then picked you back up again. I believe that true adventure exists beyond what you think is safe or obtainable. That's where you see miracles happen, where you get smacked by the harsh reality of the present.

Yvon Chouinard is famous for saying, "It's not adventure until something goes wrong." Without mistakes, or conflict, or breakdowns, your story will simply be boring. I believe that adventure is the distance between the present and the fulfillment of your dreams. How you navigate the in-between is the great unknown.

-- Clay Croft, Expedition Overland


Be Prepared

-- Lord Baden-Powell


Be Healthy. Be Safe. Be Prepared

We meet on Zoom every week on Sunday & Thursday, at 20:00 EDT

Use the button at the top of the page for access.

See details at the Boy Scouts of America | Scouting At Home program.

SCUBA Diving

Our skipper mandates we complete at diving physical before beginning — or returning to — recreational scuba diving. We need to find a doctor referral from the DAN Physician Referral Network.

Our response:

Do you plan to have any in-person activities this year?

  • Weekly meetings -- Perhaps. Zoom, yes.

  • Weekend Cruises or activities -- Yes. We never stopped once we added the necessary precautions.

  • Long Cruise -- Yes. We sailed at Florida Sea Base summer 2020.

With choices for each of the items, such as

  • in-person -- Yes, with the necessary precautions.

  • Overnight -- Yes, with the necessary precautions.

  • Day trips -- Yes, with the necessary precautions.

What guidance did you receive from your local council regarding in person and outdoor activities?

  • [Sailing vessels owned by FOSSOM (F) are off limits.] No problem, we will not use F-stuff as they add bureaucracy and undue burdens vs. program value. Our vessels and supplies are ours. The real reason is that the boats are too small to allow compliance with the local executive orders. Again, no problem. Our boats are so small, save Beluga, only one scout can participate at a time.

  • [Fishing and other activities were/are not allowed in MD or DC.] No problem. We operate in VA where fishing and boating has remained open for the waters we use. We are scouts that take the necessary precautions to be safe — for the sake of others and themselves — while learning to engage as leaders in the community that will not be free of the virus ever again. If you are a scout, be proud of it. If you are a scout, be prepared. If you are prepared, act like it and take the necessary precautions — regardless if it is rock climbing or breathing.

  • [Social distancing/quarantines must be maintained.] No problem. We meet twice weekly via zoom; Our weekly meeting may NEVER go back to in person given the convince. We participate in online ILSS. We join in on virtual camp outs and global training. Our community is not under quarantine so do we stuff, safely. We fish outdoors with room to spare. We kayak & canoe at over a fathom apart. We plan to sail single-handed in our small boats. We attended Sea Base in June for our Long Cruise — our fallback is a week long trek through regional inland waterways. The key thing that stopped for our ship is SCUBA. We are very eager to hear revised guidance from BSA and the Diver Alert Network (DAN), a SCUBA-medicine industry leader. We read that preliminary findings for divers, post a COVID infection, will sideline them indefinitely. Our ship intends to require complete SCUBA-specific testing and examinations for all participants before heading below.