Ship 2


Adventure begins when you break the surface.

We play, learn, & lead with waters spilling from the Virginia Piedmont.

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Our Passion

We SCUBA dive. The Virginia Piedmont offers a few options -- Lake Millbrooke, Lake Phoenix and Little Bahamas, ...Florida!

Our Waters

We reach the world from the North Fork wetlands, Bull Run, Occoquan, Potomac, Chesapeake, & beyond. Soon: Nantucket Sound

Our Limits

We push'em. We come home with interesting stories, building our character, helping the world, and doing stuff far beyond those allowed for younger scouts.

Our Facilities

We sail, kayak, and float. We work and race on SSTV Beluga, our Pearson 26, sail on SSTV Der Pelikan, and train aboard SSTV Michael-S.

Our Grounds

NCAC Camp William B. Snyder is our base. The camp offers access to projects, boats, water, & camping. Plus, it exposes us to regional troops, crews, posts, & ships.

Our Direction

We are a scout-led ship. We intend to reach wherever our sea scouts, the current, and the wind takes us. Find out more about us and our programs.

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Sea Scouts BSA is unique in that "[m]ore trust and responsibility [is] placed on a Sea Scout than all other programs combined. We challenge them to learn, lead, and pit their skills, ability and judgement against the most dangerous environment humans dare to go."

-- Christopher Russell Davis