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Ship 2 Adventure

S2A: Symbol of Purpose

The evolution of these designs is available on request from skipper@ship2.org.

Ship 2 Adventure Logo

If you see these designs, you know that Ship 2 is near. We abbreviate Ship 2 Adventure (S2A) and stylized that abbreviation to come up with an interesting logo.

Fluke (S2)

(S)hip (2) forms a reverse of a whale's fluke. We use this to represent activities in and under the water. It also represents Skipper's family history that includes the former whaling capital, Nantucket.

SAFETY BONUS: If you can read "25", we are upside down! Please call our "Ship 25" mentors in PA because we need further guidance.

Sloop (A)

(A)dventure captures a sailing vessel (sloop rigged) with full sails. It represents activities we have aboard sailing crafts.


The entire logo forms a stream, meandering from side to side. This stream includes natural surface and submerged obstacles from currents, rocks, reefs, and narrowing channels . Other hazards are man-made but still must be navigated as scouts. The kayak at the end of the run represents the successful completion of a scouting adventure spilling out into a rich life.

S2A Shoulder Patch

Our ship's emblem captures who and what we are.

The core is a Pelorus face, in honor of our chartering organization, Centerline Pelorus Consulting. The pelorus also reminds us to always keep our bearing.

In the center of the dial is our logo, described above.

Surrounding that is our name and our location, Prince William County, Virginia.

A limited number of these are available.