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Sea Scout Ship 2 Adventure Uniforms

We use uniforms as method to ensure scouts understand their actions should set examples in our community.

We use the Official Sea Scout Uniform (SSU). Our ship allows scout families to start quick with an inexpensive purchase of our Standard SSU. We also support a high adventure SSU option.

Either Sea Scout Uniform (SSU) is welcomed within Ship 2!

The important things are the uniform color (Dark Navy) and the uniform placement of the official patches on the uniform. Beyond that, it is a uniforms are battle that we just don't care about.

All uniform shirts must include the correct/official badges, as discussed below.

Uniform Components

Our uniforms extend beyond just shirt and pants with a few extra items, as outlined below. Additionally, we add a few items for special events to help set us apart.

Normal Activity

  • Cover: Dark Navy Cap or "Ship 2 Adventure" Cap
  • Shirt: Standard or High Adventure SSU with Badges
  • T-Shirts: Black or Dark Navy
  • Pants: Standard or High Adventure SSU. Short or long. USCG Auxiliary members are free to where their utility pants.
  • Belts: Sea Scout -- available at Camp Snyder.
  • Socks: Black
  • Shoes: Black -- When aboard a fiberglass sailing vessel, such as Der Pelikan, scouts are asked to wear shoes with NON-MARRING soles.

Special Event Modifications to Normal Activity items

  • Cover: "Fighting Bob Evans" White Cap for youth. Combination cover for adults.
  • Neckerchief: Tar Flap -- available at Camp Snyder
  • Ship Insignia: We may produce specialized Ship Insignia patches for special events.
  • Pants: Long only

Sea Scout Uniform (SSU) Types

The standard and high adventure uniforms are detailed below.

Standard Uniform

Our Standard SSU is available through SG Trading Post -- and serves as the basis for everything we do & need. This is the Dickies Dark Navy work clothes (cotton or ripstop blend) applied to the needs of the Sea Scouts. These are also available through Walmart without badges.

See below for details about required badges.

Dickies Specifics (cotton)

COLOR: Dark Navy (DN)
  • Female shirt:FS574DN / pants:774DN
  • Male shirt:1574DN / pants:874DN

High Adventure Uniform

Our High Adventure SSU is selected to support the wearer on longer, all-season events where personal protection is more important. We sought clothing that acts as the first layer of survival gear.

For this purpose, we selected the 5.11 Tactical version of the Sea Scout official uniform. This alternative is sold through the 5.11 (Fairfax, VA), Cabelas (Gainesville, VA), and other retailers.

See below for details about required badges.

5.11 Tactical Specifics

COLOR: Dark Navy (724) or Midnight Navy (750)

Uniform Badging

All uniform shirts require extra badges. SG Trading Post delivers the shirt with almost all of the needed patches. All other sources require badges as detailed on SeaScout.org. See the back of your Sea Scout manual for details on the position of badges.

Here is a quick overview of what badges are needed, where they are positioned on a uniform shirt, and here to get them -- Camp William B. Snyder (CWBS), or Skipper.

Left Sleeve:

  1. Council Emblem/Shoulder Patch — CWBS
  2. Ship Number “2” — CWBS
  3. Badge of Office — CWBS -- As Elected or Nominated. We recommend these are backed by Velcro to ease changes in office.

Left Pocket

  1. World Scouting Movement World Crest Emblem— On Standard SSU or CWBS
  2. Badge of Rank — CWBS -- We recommend these are backed by Velcro to each changes in rank.

Right Sleeve:

  1. United States Flag — On Standard SSU or CWBS
  2. Ship Insignia patch — Skipper Allen

Right Pocket

  1. “SEA SCOUT BSA” — On Standard SSU or embroidery available from a local source in Haymarket, VA.
Revised: 11-Oct-2018. Skipper Allen.