Our Process

  • Training is part of the culture
  • Disagreements don’t become battles
  • We get big arguments out of the way first
  • We plan for Succession and Continuity

Dive deeper into our:

  • sources and uses of funds,
  • how and why we dress,
  • why we are Ship 2 when there is an infinite number of options available, and
  • our policies & bylaws (below).

Bylaws Sea Scout Ship 2 Adventure (S2A)

Bylaws define the operations of the ship (last revision 07-Jul-2020)

  1. Preamble: S2A is founded on the ideals found in:
    • Sea Scout Promise
    • Scout Law
    • Scout Oath
  2. Objective: S2A strives to build character in its members. We do this through an inclusive, water-based, high-adventure program. Members should seek:
      • To play
      • To learn
      • To lead
  3. Membership: S2A welcomes scouts as A) persons which are 13 years of age and have completed the eighth grade, B) all young adults who's age is between 14 and 18 years. S2A welcomes adults as C) junior advisors for persons between 18 to 21 years, and D) advisors from persons, ages 21 and older. All members must be registered with Boy Scouts of America and compliant with that organization's rules. All members must agree to and follow these bylaws. All adults participate with the consent of our Chartering Organization.
  4. Dues
    • Dues are set each year by the youth with committee approval.
      • 2018 dues are: $100 per year or $25 per quarter (Jan 1, Apr 1, July 1, Oct 1).
      • Scouting reserve member dues are $40 per year or $10 per quarter.
      • New member initial dues are $35 (payable with submission of BSA application upon joining unit)
    • Dues may be paid annually (calendar year) or quarterly, payable at the first meeting of every year/quarter.
    • Two months of delinquent dues make the member ineligible to participate in activities.
    • Special financial considerations are to be brought to Ship’s Committee or Skipper for approval.
  5. Money Earning
    • Dues will be supplemented by money-earning activities involving the participation of all members. Members not participating will not be entitled to the benefits of the money derived from the activities.
    • All money-earning projects must be approved by the Skipper and meet the requirements listed on the BSA Unit Money-Earning Application, No. 34427.
  6. Service and Fundraising
    • Reasonable service to Ship 626 and the community are always expected. It is expected that a Scout will participate in:
    • Service projects; minimum of two (2) per year.
    • Community service / Outreach
    • Workdays, as prescribed by the unit.
  7. Safety and Training “Every Scout deserves a trained leader.” All activities and individuals will abide by the Guide to Safe Scouting and each member of the unit will complete, including but not limited to, the following training: BSA training requirements for Standard Ship, Venturing Youth Protection, Safe Swim Defense, Safety Afloat and USCG or TPWD Boaters Safety Course.
  8. Meetings and Events
    • All meetings will be held at St. Jude Catholic Church (310 Graves St., Mansfield, TX); unless otherwise specified.
    • Every meeting should follow an agenda provided by the Quarterdeck.
    • General meetings will be held at least twice a month.
    • Officers’ [Quarterdeck] meetings will be held at least once a month.
    • Special meetings may be called by the Boatswain or appointee, as needed.
    • ILSS and Quarterdeck Training Seminar will be held at the soonest possible convenience after elections.
    • Sea Scout Manual and SPAR (Scout Personal Advancement Record) are to be brought to ALL meetings, unless otherwise specified.
    • All members are subject to the supervision and authority of the Officers and Skippers Core from arrival until dismissed.
  9. Ship Business
    • Ship business will be conducted under the principles outlined in Robert’s Rules of Order. Voting on all issues will be by simple majority, with the exception of changes or amendments to the bylaws, which will require a two-thirds vote of the total active membership. A quorum shall consist of one more than the majority of members for votes on routine business.
  10. Expectations of Officers and Crew The ship officers are expected to act according to and enforce the Ship’s Code and Bylaws.
  11. Officers
    • The elected officers shall be: Boatswain and Boatswain’s Mate of Administration and Boatswains Mate of Program.
    • The appointed officers are: Yeoman, Purser, Storekeeper, Chaplain Aide, Media Specialist, and Specialist(s).
      • Appointments are made by the Boatswain with consent of the Skipper
    • Officers will wear their uniform at all Ship meetings and events with the badge of office properly displayed; unless otherwise specified.
    • Normal term of office shall be six (6) months starting on January 1 and July 1. Elections shall be held in November and May.
    • Nominees must have met attendance requirements for prior 3 months, and be willing and able to serve in the position elected for the full term of office.
    • No member shall serve more than two (2) consecutive terms in the same office, unless there is shown to be no opposition to the currently elected officer. In this case, there is no vote.
    • In the event that an officer resigns, quits or is expelled, a temporary officer shall be appointed by the Skipper and approved by the current remaining officers.
    • Nominees will meet with the Skipper’s Core prior to the acceptance of or voting / appointing on any position.
    • Nominees may request to address the ship prior to votes being cast.
    • Nominations will be presented to the ship no less than one (1) week prior to elections.
    • All contested ballots shall be in secret and be counted by the Skipper and First Mate.
    • All Nominated members MUST BE PRESENT for election. Request for excused absence must be made to Skipper.
  12. Uniforms and Clothing
    • Dress Uniform – New Century Uniform [shirt and pants/shorts] with tar flap, ball cap hat, and square badge of office insignia.
    • Activity (AKA Field) Uniform – New Century Uniform [shirt and pants/shorts], (tar flap optional)
    • Utility Uniform – BSA printed shirt and Sea Scout or event ball cap.
    • Uniform of the Day (UoD) Minimum Requirements
      • Ceremonies, Bridge of Honor:
        • Dress Uniform
      • Regular Ship Meetings:
        • Dress/Activity Uniforms shall be worn by officers and leaders.
        • Activity Uniform shirt is the minimum requirement for non-officer attendees.
      • Utility Uniform should be worn when traveling to and from all events, or as prescribed.
      • Utility Uniform is the minimum standard during outings.
    • Event specific uniforms will be defined prior to an event.
    • No writing, drawing or offensive/questionable language or symbols on clothing, including uniforms
    • All uniforms are to be clean, well cared for.
    • Shoes are to cover the toes and capture the heel.
    • Uniform shorts may be substituted for the Activity or Utility uniform pants
    • All shorts worn at Sea Scout meetings and events must meet the “fingertip length” dress code requirements (stand up straight, hold arms vertically down at sides. Outside hem of shorts should be below the tips of fingers.)
  13. Electronics Use Policy
    • The following electronics (IPods, Laptops, Video Games, and other personal electronic devices) are seen to be a distraction and a safety hazard and are therefore not allowed on-board the boats, unless previously approved of by Skipper’s Core.
    • Phones, Tablets, Cameras may be used or social media publishing of unit events or unit history documentation.
    • Use of Ship radio (VHF and FM) with Skipper/Core permission.
  14. Newsletter
    • The ship will publish a newsletter and/or update the ship’s website, the first week of every other month. The website ( will serve as the historical record of the ship.
  15. Attendance
    • Active status requires 75% attendance of general ship meetings.
    • Quarterdeck requires 75% attendance commitment
    • Rank advancement requires 75% attendance of unit activities
    • College exception can be made on a case by case basis and will be asked for by the scout of the ship and voted on by the ship.
  16. Activities
    • It shall be the intention of the ship’s leadership to provide water-based high adventure developed around the six experience areas of: Citizenship, Leadership, Fitness, Social Interaction, Outdoor Activities, and Service to Others.
  17. Advancement
    • Rank advancement will be recognized during Bridge of Honor which take place no more than four times per year.
    • A Bridge of Review may be held when a ship member is eligible to advance through the ranks. Individual requirements may be signed off at any time by the Skipper, or any approved person.
    • Recognition of advancement by the members of the ship may occur during regular meetings.
    • Bridge of Honor Ceremonies for Quartermaster Rank shall be at the discretion and in the fashion that the youth that earned the rank approves of.