Ship 2 Chandery

Ship 2 Chandlery

Legacy Food Storage

Sea Scouts leave the familiar to adventure into the unknown on “long cruises”. We plan cruises designed to promote self-reliance with limited lifelines and limited resupply. For example, a one-week long cruise, on a vessel with a crewed of six (6) -- hungry sea scouts and advisors -- requires provisions for 120+ meals assuming no uncertainty; there is always uncertainty.
Sea Scouts need to be prepared. So does our community.


A marine radio is recommended on on all, and required on larger Ship 2 vessels.
Cobra’s fixed-mount marine radios are an essential out on the water. Built-in GPS sends distress signals from exact locations while 24 hour access to emergency alerts and NOAA weather broadcasts keeps you informed, prepared, and aware.
Cobra's MR HH600 is a floating handheld VHF radio with built-in GPS. View exact coordinates, transmit your location, and use its Bluetooth® capabilities to keep your phone safe and dry. The added flashlight with emergency strobe ensures you can always be found.

Sagan Life

"Our Products make the Unthinkable Drinkable."
Ship 2 sails the Chesapeake and is eager to help keep that water clean. Yet, there are not enough oysters to make Bay water drinkable. Ship 2 and other boaters need a Portable water purifier to ensures great days on the water.
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Bluefin SUP

Bluefin Paddleboards offer stability, portability and precision paddling. Bluefin SUP offer the most all-inclusive SUP board package which all fits into our high-quality backpack. Take your Bluefin SUP anywhere, whether you are paddling rough seas or a calm lake, our boards are packed with high-performance design features.
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American Family Safety

Skip the Store and Get Emergency Kits Delivered.

All American Family Safety food and water products are approved by The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and United States Coast Guard, they are non-thirst provoking, withstand temperatures of 22° F to 149° F (-6° C to 65° C ), have a 5 year shelf life, so you don’t have to worry about spoilage and MOST IMPORTANT, they are all manufactured right here in the USA under strict quality control.

See the line of USCG-approved emergency kits.


Have some fun on the water with everything fishing -- Reels, Rods, Tools, Lines, Bags.
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MarineCoat One

Donated boats need love, too. One of the most effective ways to to repair and maintain the boat's fiberglass gelcoat.

Survival Frog

There was a time when you could get lost and no one would know. Now, you can get lost and found with a press of a button. Just in case.

NexGen Yachting

Sea scouts are ready for a long cruise. This one that they can take once they get well paying jobs with vacation plans.
There is no better package for sea scout advisors, in case you were wondering.
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