Paper Boat Regatta

Open Class Rules



Boat Building Contest


Would you board this vessel?


Be the last vessel to sink!

Sea Scoutiness

Describe you boat using correct nautical terms.

Contestants must register their name, email, & unit information.

Registration closes at 19:00 EDT the day of the event.

4-MAY-2020 at 20:00 EDT

Contestants and Observers:

  • The event is open to all scouts and scouters.
  • Contestants must register via email to before the start of the event. Contestants will receive an email with the log-in details.
  • Observers are free to attend with contestants. Observers that need independent access are asked to email
  • All persons must comply with the rules of the ship and Sea Scouts, BSA.

Competition Rules:

Competitor Rules

  • Competitors are in uniform.
  • Scouts act like scouts following the Oath and Law.

Boat Rules

Boats must be built using one of more of the Allowed Materials (see the list below).

Boats must include paper. The boat must include at least one (1) square inch of paper. The square inch of paper must be:

  • visible from above and below your boat,
  • not supported by backing or other reinforcements,
  • attached to the hull only on the portions beyond the 1 inch square space,
  • a single sheet of paper, one layer thick, and
  • an integral to the hull such that the square is submerged below the waterline when your boat floats on the water, before adding weight.

Water Rules. Water should be:

  • in a tub / bucket / pond,
  • still and clear,
  • without submerged support(s) for the boat, and
  • deep enough to "sink" the boat.

Sink defined: Traditionally, sinking is indicated by water passing over the boat's gunnels to the point when the gunnels are submerged. However, the open-class design of the boats and the limited water depths may preclude that from happening. As such, it is up to the judge(s) to establish what defines "sink" for each contestant's boat.

Administrative Rules:

  • Judge(s) can relax rules as needed to accomplish their own goals. For instance, people may need to go to bed.
  • Zoom administrators will remove participants if directed by the Judge(s). Participants will not be allowed to return to the event, once removed.
  • Everyone should have fun.

Allowed Materials:

  • Build out of the allowed materials:
    • 8.5x11 printer paper.
    • Duct tape
    • Glue
    • Paint
    • WOOD?!? YES, Wood. The committee revolted. So, now you can include wood in your boat design
  • Container -- water tight -- large enough for your boat
  • Water
  • Weight in the form of:
    • Money: Coins (dollars, half-dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies). Cash should be sent to Ship 2. Contact for instructions.
    • 1 lb. Cooking Rice


See and comply with Competition Rules:

  1. Build an open-class, displacement, boat without ballast, following Boat Rules.
  2. Fill your container with water before the start of the competition, deep enough for your boat to "sink", following Water Rules.
  3. Connect to Zoom using the "Attend" button above and the Access Code provided during registration. Sessions are limited in time. If that time limit is reached, the Zoom administrator will restart the session. Reconnect as needed to complete the competition.
  4. Participate in the opening ceremony.
  5. Present the boat to the community for review, via Zoom, for up to four (4) minutes, with a plan to:
    • Convince judge(s) and community as to why your design should win, in line with the Scout Law;
    • Describe the functions and design of the various components, using proper nautical vocabulary/terms, and in line with the Sea Scout Promise; and
    • Gain consensus with judge(s) what defines when your open-class boat "sinks".
  6. Float the boat in water.
  7. Add weight, repeatedly, as instructed by the Judge(s).
  8. Announce when your boat "sinks".
  9. Take and share photos. Send to @ship2adventure
  10. Have fun!

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