Why Join?

Ship 2 Adventure

To Play


The adventure begins when you break the surface! We are 14-21 co-eds out to have a great life.

We make lifelong memories out on, in, and under the water. We find friends in crew-mates and competitors.

You are free to explore the fun / exciting high adventure and other activities that keep us busy:

Dive | Snorkel | Sail | Motor boat | Camp | Canoe | Kayak | Drill | Pizza | Dance | etc.

We ask that scouts and advisors follow the rules -- in particular, being thrifty -- but otherwise, have a boat load of fun.

My belief is that we were put into this world of wonders and beauty with a special ability to appreciate them, in some cases to have the fun of taking a hand in developing them, and also in being able to help other people instead of overreaching them and, through it all, to enjoy life - that is, to be happy.

-- Robert Baden-Powell

To Learn


We are part of Sea Scouts, BSA. We bring character building, citizenship training, and personal fitness to our scouts.

We encourage each other to learn. As we learn, we advance through various Sea Scout awards: Apprentice, Ordinary, Able, and Quartermaster.


Making Your Future Self

Our goal is to improve our personal character while securing our future. Part of this deals with sacrificing for the community; We give back because service is one of our core principals as good citizens.

Another part deals with who we want to be and what skill we want to learn. Commonly, we are focused on achieving skills for a:

  • safe, life-long hobby;
  • maritime career; and/or
  • research and sciences


What You Can Learn

Our training utilizes the expertise available through our ship, outside consultants, council, and/or at regional events. For instance, our area offers yearly opportunities like Salt and Sleet.

General Scouting skills:

Canoeing | Environmental Science | Fish and Wildlife Management | Kayaking | Lifesaving | Motor Boating | Oceanography | Radio | Rowing | SCUBA | Signals Signs and Codes | Small Boat Sailing | Swimming | Water Sports | Weather | Whitewater Rafting | Wilderness Survival

Specialized nautical skills:

Boat building | Boat Handling | Engines | Galley Operations | Heritage Specializations | Marlinspike Seamanship | Marine Safety | Piloting and Navigation | Racing | Advanced SCUBA | Seamanship | Signals Signs and Codes | Small Boat Sailing | Vessel Rigging | Vessel Electricity

Personal development studies:

Sea Scout Ideals | Duty to God | Introduction to Leadership Skills Sea Scouts (ILSS) | National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) | National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) | Sea Scout Experience Advanced Leadership Training (SEAL)


Where You Can Go

Here are a few places where Sea Scouts can be found:

Oceanography | Marine Biology | Ichthyology | Ocean Transportation | Marine Engineering | Coastal Fisheries | Naval Architecture | Maritime and Admiralty Law | Commercial Yachting | Marine Insurance | Marine Maintenance | United States Navy | United States Coast Guard | United States NOAA Corps | United States Merchant Marine

To Lead


We cultivate responsibility in character and citizenship; leadership is a by-product.

We focus on training — in a nautical context — to refine sea scouts into good citizens. We expect good citizens make the best leaders.

The more responsibility the Scoutmaster gives his patrol leaders, the more they will respond.

-- Robert Baden-Powel

No one is expected to be perfect the first time -- or the third -- so we have a lot of opportunities to refine your skills. Our goal is to allow those interested, chances to prove themselves and to advance to lead.

For those that prove themselves, there is the chance to take on responsibilities, within the crews, the ship, within the council, and beyond.

Each office is responsible for an aspect of the ship's operations and growth. Our ship officers are:

  • Boatswain,
  • Boatswain mates,
  • Purser,
  • Yeoman, and
  • crew leaders.

These roles carry forward in to the council, area, region, and national levels.