Ship 2 Adventure

We SCUBA Dive.

Its is fun, thrilling, mind-opening, challenging, and not cheap!

SCUBA is what we want to do, yet it costs more than we have in our pockets. So, we constantly search for ways to save money while remaining safe.

Thankfully, we have access to resources of the Sea Scouts, BSA, and their Sea Scout Scuba program.

This is an exclusive opportunity from Sea Scout, BSA in cooperation with SDI.

A new program Sᶟ (Sea Scout Scuba) with SDI® (Scuba Diving International®) gives a unique opportunity to create a new generation of divers for dive shops to identify and interact with the Sea Scouts BSA. Interacting with these young and adventurous scouts helps encourage a lifetime love of diving and promotes conservation of the seas under the tutelage of enthusiastic and experienced adult divers. Let us give you the road map.

Scouts must file a BSA Medical ABC form as well as the RSTC form on file with the ship.

S3 Program

Sᶟ is a program for SDI® Dive Shops to provide SDI ®Open Water Diver certification to Sea Scouts. To be part of this program, the SDI® Dive Shop agrees to the following:

  • Only youth Sea Scouts are qualified Sᶟ participants
  • SDI® Dive Shop agrees to have all staff in contact with Sᶟ Sea Scouts complete Boy Scouts of America’s on- line Youth Protection Training which include BSA’s Youth Protection policies, kinds of abuse, signs of abuse, how to respond to disclosure of abuse and proper reporting procedures.
  • SDI® Dive shop agrees to charge US $299.00 for:
    • Classroom SDI® training/ on-line materials
    • confined SDI® water training
    • basic individual’s equipment of mask, fins, snorkel, booties and wet suit as identified in this announcement
    • SDI® Certification cards
  • Open water SDI® training/qualification to be conducted as scheduled and priced by the SDI® Dive Shop or a referral letter to be given to the SᶟSea Scout at no cost.

Basic Individual Equipment

  1. $83.00 Akona Mens 3MM Quantum Stretch Wetsuit Available Sizes: SM-5XL Part No. AKMS209
  2. $14.00 Akona 3.5MM Standard Boot Available Sizes: 2-13 Part No. AKBT331-xx
  3. $12.50 Genesis RX Mask Available Colors: BS BK BU CL IB PB YL. Part No. SM4400
  4. $5.00 Genesis Surf Snorkel Available Colors: BS BK BU CL YL. Part No. FS5500
  5. $22.00 Genesis Coronado Fin Available Sizes: S-M, M-L, L-XL Available Colors: BK BU PB YL. Part No. PF62X0 6161

Scouts should select personal safety gear based on personal safety and economics. Prices reflect materials published on the Sea Scout BSA website as of 01-May-2018. Prices subject to change.

Updated: 15-Nov-2018 | Skipper Allen