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USCG Safety at Sea

2018 Activities

Safety at Sea activities will be chosen from the list below. Coast Guard Operational requirements may cause some activities to be substituted. These activities will be set up at different locations on the base. Each activity will involve a team of up to eight participants. Each activity will last about 30 minutes. There will be opportunities to do eight to ten different activities.

  1. Damage Control Trainer (wet activity)
  2. Fire hose buckets (wet activity)
  3. Mustang training (wet activity)
  4. Live flare training
  5. P-6 dewatering pump (CG Station CB)
  6. Man Overboard Drill (boat ride in Curtis Creek)
  7. Marine radiotelephone
  8. Tour of Coast Guard vessels including Buoy Tender James Rankin
  9. Helicopter operations
  10. Fire control simulator
  11. Marine environmental protection
  12. Coast Guard & Coast Guard Auxiliary recruiting & public affairs
  13. Sea Scout Pulling Boat Exercise