Ship 2 Adventure

Our Program

We provide below a sampling of ways we are active and serve. Our program also includes leadership and advancement opportunities. Our calendar shows all aspects of our program over time. Bottom line, we do just about anything that will not get us sued and complies with our DNA.

How we serve

We are active in our community. Our first service event was in support of Cub Scout Pack 28 where we served as the Race Committee for the Pack's Rain Gutter Regatta. We also served in support of the Upper-Occoquan River Clean-Up.

We serve our world through wetland reclamation and river clean up. We serve our community with developing relationships with Serve our Willing Warriors and Diving with Heroes


See our Scuba page for training news. We intend to attend Scuba Jam next summer. Plus, we are considering a High Adventure trip to the gulf. For extra credit, watch the Sea Hunt series.


Several Sea Scout Ships in the region have offered us the opportunity to sail with them. Our skipper has a "sea scout training vessel" that is available. We are considering a high adventure trip to Sea Base in 2019. Bottom line, if we want to be on the water, we can be on the water.


Ship 2 held BSA Swim Tests and all participants are now BSA Swimmer Certified! We swam at the Freedom Aquatics and Fitness Center in Manassas, VA. It is always "Time to go again."

Our swimming training includes Swimming and Water Rescue courses. See the calendar for details. Additionally, Lifeguard Training and Certification is available through our local Boy Scout Council's Aquatics program.


Our goal is to utilize Bull Run waters upstream of Lake Manassas, then flowing onward down to the Occaquan. We are also exploring adventures with Antietam Creek Canoe. For more advanced fun, we have our sights on learning white water rafting at the Adventure Sports Center. Depending on where this goes, we are looking at trips from Northern Tier (beautiful) to Class III rapids (rockin)!

Our paddle craft training includes the BSA Paddle Craft Safety Training courses. See the calendar for details or contact