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Welcome aboard. We are here to answer your questions.

Please write Skipper if you have any more! Below, "CWBS" refers to Camp William B. Snyder.

What role do parents play?

First, they are parents. Next, all parents are asked to serve in some capacity as either an advisor or committee member. Advisors serve directly with the youth and/or equipment. Committee members facilitate the ship operations. All adults (Advisors or Committee) must take Youth Protection Training via https://my.scoutting.org. Additional training is available based on role.

Do parents need uniforms or just the scout(s)?

Some parents do need a uniform depending on their role. Committee members do not. Advisors do.

Should I be buying uniform items yet?

Scouts are tasked with getting a uniform as part of their initial rank (Apprentice). While a full uniform may take a while to collect, scouts are asked to start with a uniform shirt. We make/provide their first utility t-shirts.

Where should I purchase uniforms, hats, belts?

See our description of the Uniforms options.

Where should I purchase manuals?


Is a general purpose work boot/shoe ok or will they need several different types of shoes?

General purpose is okay with two caveats:

(1)Shoes for full uniforms are black and

(2)Shoes aboard ship should be non-marring/non-slip (boat shoes).

You can count my scout(s) as definitely a yes for the trip. How can I make that official?

Respond to the RSVP call via “S2A Below Deck” https://ship2adventure.trooptrack.com.

How are Dues/Fees for trip and other paid?

Payment is made via the scout fund accounts in S2A Below Deck. They can be made on-line via PayPal (instant, but with a 2.9% service fee) or via personal check through our treasurer (Angela Stouffer).

Should I go ahead and get Manuals from the BSA website or do you have a better deal?

The best deal is online, following the link at the bottom of https://www.ship2.org. Otherwise, just pick one up at Camp Snyder Scout Store.

Updated: 12-Oct-2018 | Skipper Allen