Ship 2 Adventure

How to Join?

We welcome you to raise your sails with us. This is how:

  1. Complete your Application
  2. Pay your dues
    • $40 registration for new scouts
    • $10 per month
  3. Explore your opportunities to play, to learn, and to lead.

Why Join?

You should seek to join us if you want expand your world. We target:

High Adventure

We make lifelong memories out on, in, and under the water.


We give back because service is one of our core principals.


We find friends in crew-mates and competitors.


We prepare for a career (military / marine industry) or a just lifelong hobby.

Who can Join?

You can! We admit young women and men, ages 14 to under 21,

We are supported by adult advisors (parents and others over 21) that provide us guidance and oversight. They also sign checks, pay for gas, remind us of calendar events.

We are part of Sea Scouts BSA -- bringing character building, citizenship training, and personal fitness to our members.