Ship 2 Adventure

To whom do I write my check?

Sea Scout Ship 2 Adventure.

How much are dues?

$10 Monthly dues, plus

$70 New scout registration fee.

What do I get for my dues?

Our dues include:

  • Ship 2 operating fees,
  • Future registration fees,
  • PLUS, essential gear

Can I get a refund?

No. Sorry. Our dues are non-refundable.

Registration fees are non-refundable once your application is submitted.

Activity Expenses paid on a scout's behalf for an event are also non-refundable.

What about next year?

Scouts that have been active in the ship for a year are registered for the following year until they turn 21 years old.

We can do this because $6 of each month's dues is paid to a sinking fund for next year's registration.

I deploy soon / I'm headed to college...

Scouts headed to the military or college pay their monthly dues payments only for the months they participant in the ship. New sea scouts which are headed away, but have not participated for a year, are required to pay their first year registration.

What do I get for my registration?

Registration includes:

  • BSA Member ID and
  • NCAC insurance

Who pays registration?

All scouts pay the $70 annual registration fee to participate in BSA programs under the National Capital Area Council. Adult advisors pay a $45 annual registration fee.

  • New Sea Scouts pay the $70 registration through the ship.
  • Existing scouts /advisors which are dual register -- or transfer to the ship -- pay through their original unit.

I'm already registered in Scouts, how do I dual register?

Add your BSA member number to your application and complete an extra field. Contact Skipper if you have additional questions.

What other fees should I expect?

We currently operate as a PayGo ship: Pay as you Go. We pass direct expenses for events back to the scouts. Over time, we may shift that burden to increased dues, fund raisers, and/or grants. For now, please save up the money and come.

Are there fund raisers?

See our online store. Please buy from our online store. Please ask your grandma, aunts and uncles to buy from our online store. Remember that every dollar goes to fund our ability to spend time learning on the water, helping our community, and changing the lives of our scouts.

Plus, we have a few extra lines in the water:

  • We are actively exploring grant submissions, but those funds will not be available until spring 2019.
  • We are working with a team that may make a Ship 2 in-water boat wash a reality!
  • We are exploring the creation of Ship 2 Money Fists for deck hands that need a hand.

What is S2A Essential Gear?

Its good. Everyone gets a shirt. Charter members got a hat as a special offer.

What essential gear is included?

  • FREE T-Shirt included for all scouts.
  • FREE Shoulder Patch

Who decides where we spend money?

Scouts do once the core registration and insurance is covered.

I want to participate, but am facing financial complications. Is there anyway I can still attend?

Please contact Skipper in confidence.

Updated 10-Nov-2019