Personal Isolation Devices

We see phones and other electronics as magical. We are transported to new environs or connected to others with just a tap. We can capture and share slivers of our existence through a lens and microphone. We forget the stars while relying on these modern day guideposts for navigation. We dive deep into the latest gossip -- similar to how text books, personal letters, and muckrakers of days-gone-by did for our ancestors.

Yet, there is a darker side. We can use that same tool for unlimited sharing while exposing too much to the wrong crowd. We can use these devices to drive wedges between our scouts and the right crowd. We know these devices may become a source of conflict and/or increased risk when misused.

We must find a balance between these joys and trials. As such, we coin the term for all the laptop, handheld, worn, infused, or otherwise-attached attention absorbing electronics as Personal Isolation Devices (PID). We solve this use or lose dilemma as follows:

Personal Isolation Devices (PID)

We at Ship 2 want to ensure everyone is safe. So, we have the following rules regarding the privilege to use a PID:

  • Know the Risks: Scouts may bring PID on events after documented completion of necessary training
  • Have Fun: Scouts may use PID for photography, navigation, communication, etc.
  • Know the Rules: Scouts may not use PID during:
    • (A) Assignments/tasks/watches,
    • (B) Briefings, or
    • (C) Communal time
  • Use Responsibly: Scouts bring it out and bring it home. You are individually responsible for your PID -- Do not turn to the ship, its leaders, or other scouts for your PID protection
  • Know the Consequences: Scouts lose the PID usage privilege if there is violation of training (cyber bullying, etc.), misconduct, or dereliction of duty.