Sea Scout Ship 2 Adventure -- Year 2

Ship's Log

NCAC ILSS v1. 01-03 May 2020. Congratulations Malichi for completing the course. Great Job Boatswain Ellie (serving as NCAC Yeoman) throughout the planning, weekend execution, and presentation.

Paper Boat Regatta: IT'S GOING DOWN! We had a fun time building, loading, and sinking "paper" boats. We worked to float a pound of rice. Winners are:

  • Conner -- Attractiveness -- Schooner
  • Malichi -- Sea-worthiness -- Water Bug
  • Conner -- Sea-Scoutiness -- Schooner

A special Honorable Mention goes to Ben, Ship 117, for Attractiveness & Sea-Scoutiness -- Cabin Cruiser.

Other boat designs included and aircraft carrier, several flat-bottom/river boats, and a quick-to-swamp canoe.

Our sincere thanks to Sea Scout Ship 117 out of the Little Egg Harbour Area, NJ for your guidance and participation.

Brittle Fish: We hit the lake on Saturday, 16-May-2020, from 09:30 to 11:30 EDT. Lake Brittle in Vint Hill, Virginia, was great for Fishing / Boating; Malichi brought his kayak.

NCAC ILSS v2. 29-31 May 2020. Our Boatswain Ellie did it again. She served another ILSS class as NCAC Yeoman for 40+ sea scouts from around the country. BZ!

Fish School, We Don't. We celebrated the final end-of-the-school-year for everyone; The exception is Conor that decided to to BACK to school during the summer, #smh. Attendees included Malachi, Steven, Akhil, Shion, Connor, Kiegan, and Ellie. Thanks also to our leaders for time on the water in the jon boat and kayak. With this event at Lake Brittle, we closed out a very busy month on 31-May-2020.

Zoom Meetings

04-May-2020 Meeting 20:00-21:00 EST

07-May-2020 Meeting 20:00-21:00 EST

11-May-2020 Meeting 20:00-21:00 EST

14-May-2020 Meeting 20:00-21:00 EST

18-May-2020 Meeting 20:00-21:00 EST

21-May-2020 Meeting 20:00-21:00 EST

25-May-2020 Meeting 20:00-21:00 EST

28-May-2020 Meeting 20:00-21:00 EST