Ship 2 Adventure

Ship's Log

Come join us. The water is fine.

07 Sep 2020 Labor Day.

08 Sep 2020 First Day of PWC Schools

11 Sep 2020 Patriot Day. Nineteen years ago. 08:46 | 09:03| 09:37 | 10:07.
Never Forget

18-20 Sep 2020 Rosh Hashanah

24 Sep 2020 Kahoot. Game PIN 9883178. Let's Play.

26-27 Sep 2020 Short Cruise. Meet the Millers! Lake Louisa, VA. We set sail with five scouts (Malachi, Nick, Steven, Akhil, and William. William had to leave on Saturday evening). Skipper drove us out and back while we sported our uniforms. Mrs. and Mate Miller drove separately.

Colors up on arrival. We set up came and practiced knots. William completed his swim test. We swam, sailed and kayaked. Thanks to Mr. Miller, we tubbed around the lake while Skipper got some sailing time in. We played baseball. Colors down at sunset. We camped ashore.

Our boatswain got us up for a poloar-bear swim, but our boatswain said he didn't need to go; Steven didn't go either because he slept in. The convesation following the morning alar m went like this:

“So, Nick, you want to do the polar bear swim later?” the Boatswain asked.

“Yes, later. It’s still dark” came the reply.

“Wait, does that mean we aren’t getting up?” asked Akhil.

“Ya” clarified the Boatswain.

“Good, cause I wasn’t getting up anyway.” chirped Steven, Boatswain’s Mate for Program (BMP).

“07:30” ordered the Boatswain.

“09:00” corrected the BMP. Insubordination could not be clearer. Little did he know the would be up much sooner.

Breakfast was sparse, but filling. Colors up at 08:00. We spent another day on the water. Knots of knots. Packing and Cleaning. Colors down.

The winds were stronger on Saturday over Sunday.

27-28 Sep 2020 Yom Kippur

Never Forget

Join and Practice for Sea Scout Appentice award

Poor little Aqua Finn. Skipper needs to get a license on that trailer. Poor little boat.

Skipper’s decision: We are NOT trailering the catboat to the lake this weekend. Instead, we have local boats that we will use.

Background: The VA DMV COVID shutdown switched to by-appointment-only at limited locations. The current backlog has a multi-month wait. My lack of planning in April means that the first day I can get a trailer plate appears to be December 30, 2020. Sorry.

Social distance on the shore.