Ship 2 Adventure

Ship Log

05-AUG-2021 Thursday
Election of Officers for the 2021B Term: Boatswain-Steven. BMA-Tej. BMP-Akhil. Boatswain's Rep to Council Quarterdeck / Yeoman-Malachi. Purser-Gabby. Storekeeper-Noah

13-AUG-2021 - 19 AUG-2021
Long Cruise to Sea Base. Crew CR081321A. Tej, Malachi, Steven, Andy (NC Ship), Mr. Thompson, Mr. Landon, and Skipper Allen.

Tropical Storms and Hurricanes affected our arrival and departure!

All the boats were brought in from cruises as soon as we arrived in FL. This meant that boats were everywhere they shouldn't be. We had to wait until we had notice that we could safely sail.

We bunked the first night at the gym and the second at FSB in the dorm. The next morning we drove to Key West for boarding and departure.

There were some beautiful scenes at sea base today. We did some snorkel training in the pool with Mr. Landon‘s troop. And took care of Poison ivy. We are looking forward to get on the boat tomorrow.


Safe Swim Defense

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Bunking in the Gym during the storm

Ship2 had a great day of sailing our first day out. We saw some dolphins and did some service for our captain ship. We hope to snorkel tomorrow. And will be looking forward to it the whole day. And also hope nobody else gets to seasick


Rafting with Troop 1532

Too small on the hook.

Schoolmaster Snapper

Tired and worn out the crew  has safely returned to base camp.

Powder Horn 2021. Relocate our sunfish without valid plates on the trailer.